Simon Pope | Toronto Waterfront artist-in-residence 2023

From the first listening station, opposite Billy Bishop Airport.

During the period of pandemic lock-downs (2020-21), I constructed a series of "stations" as places to sit and wait for those that were being held at a distance from me, and to think about my relationships with them. These were makeshift places, built from found objects – wood, string, and other detritus washed up from Lake Ontario – from where to wait for visitors to return. There was a sense of foreboding, given that those visitors included the Sars-CoV-2 virus – at the time rapidly advancing through the city – as well as a hope for the return of friends and family, strangers and summer visitors.

Similarly Across the border is an opportunity to attune to who or what is beyond the border of the Waterfront district, wondering about their proximity, and what they may bring, and how we will be changed by this encounter.

From the second listening station, Bathhurst Marina.

From the third listening staion, Gibraltar Point.

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